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abcd111 on September 28, 2013:   Just saw a glimpse of them. What a pair...wow, nice sexy awesome pair. sexy feet and body. Great communication. A treat.

hot_stef5 on September 26, 2013:   hallo geil

garyrealitybite on September 20, 2013:   What can you say about the extremely popular and adorable Colby and Mickey that hasn't already been said? Incredibly sexy,gorgeous bodies, funny, inventive, charming,and very sweet. They are amazing to their fans,and makes everyone in the room feel like they are welcome and a part of the party. By far the best, sexiest couple on the site,Colby and Mickey are definitely worth checking out.

HorseManTim on September 9, 2013:   A wonderful couple, who really enjoys having fun, and entertaining their fans. They'll take the time to chat and joke, without constant begging for tips.

NateSenpai on September 5, 2013:   Really enjoyed getting to hang out with the guys today. Pleasant and entertaining to chat with. Keep it up guys...love the show.

Daemuse05 on September 4, 2013:   Very cute and extremely entertaining to talk to.

FrostMage on September 1, 2013:   What can I say that the rest have not? If you want to have fun, have a great private or just want to hang out and chat. They do it all. Everyone feels welcome. They are a real couple. Charming lads.

mortgagequestions on August 22, 2013:   Personality is the spice of life! These guys have all the necessary spice.

DeadmanSC on August 19, 2013:   Ps. Guys...would luv to follow ya'll on twitter, but my search came up empty. Help?

DeadmanSC on August 19, 2013:   Absolutely my favorite entertainers/models on the site. They are energetic, out-going, full of life,(georgious!!!) and love to interact with the people (even when their "grey"). They will answer questions, and be polite. They truely know how to treat their guests. Top notch guys! They never fail to put a smile on my face. In a bad mood? Just log-on to Colby & Mickey....they'll have you laughing in no time! I personally will not spend ANY credits elsewhere. They truly give you your moneys worth, and their charm is second to none! 2 thumbs-up guys...U R THE BEST this site has to offer! Love always, DeadmanSC.

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