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massagebymrk on June 30, 2013:   Can't wait to see live...from what I can see and by the reviews...promises to be hot

ssilverwolff67 on June 27, 2013:   colby & mickey have done it again .... in my book earned 10 out of 5 for friendliness and entertainment! they welcome everyone into their room and their conversations .... every time i go into their room the same people are there, engaged in conversation. the sex is amazing - these guys really, truly enjoy one another and enjoy what they do - it shows in their performances ... they are real, not faking it for the camera. guaranteed good time with colby & mickey ..... that's why i keep coming back! thanks colby - thanks mickey!

vulpe_2012 on June 20, 2013:   THE best couple on here. So sexy and adorable they always please

usccld on June 8, 2013:   First of all, Colby and Mickey are friendly and great to chat with. They have great personalities and can entertain in more ways than the obvious. When in private, they don't waste any time. They are so hot, they will melt your screen. They obviously enjoy each other. Very enthusiastic. The biggest thing for me is that they are genuine and treat everyone with respect. They are truly the best!

Voyde on June 2, 2013:   Hottest Couple on here. Not only are they hot, but they are great showmen and seem to love chatting with everyone.


Wes-Dballs on June 1, 2013:   Wow!!! These two are awesome together! I usually just troll rooms looking for something interesting... They caught my eye and were still partially clothed even!! :D It's obvious to me that they really like eachother.. not just faking it for the cam... EVERYONE needs to see their shows!!! I will be back for certain! Ya'll are awesome! thanks for a GREAT show!

ClarkK122 on May 30, 2013:   These two are hilarious as they are attractive. Kudos!

breedmedeeper on May 18, 2013:   I joined the show late and had no idea what to expect (other than a couple of guys fucking). Well...the role playing was fantastic (I won't spoil the plot although I understand they constantly change them up)..Loved every second of it...of so - it was quite clear - did the boys. They take to their task of 'entertaining' with relish (you realise later they somehow they watch the audience while doing what they do) and the qulaity of the show is equal - if not better - than similar porn. They are both hot in different ways, they both play their "parts" with relish...And the action and sounds was so realistic, you can't help but be totally turned on. It was so realistic I almost felt the flood of cum putting out the fire myself! And a beautiful crescendo it was too. You do not need a "cum shot" when you have have such a deep and meaningful blowing of the load inside. Perfect! Would love to have asked if the load was so strong he felt hit slamming inside him...And the post coital kissing - nice! But then the way they burst out laughing a safe time after the 'play' finished showed wghat a great sense of humour they boys showed after the show concluded; these are great guys who will be taking an inordinate amount of my hard-earned in future. Apparently, they change up the theme every show. Can't wait for the next instalment! Fuck that: can't wait for the films!

california_1727 on May 16, 2013:   These guys are truly fun to watch. They keep things interesting and exciting. Expect the unexpected from them.

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